Homes for Orphans

Homes for Orphans


Gulu, Uganda

In 2005 Be A HERO joined with Action International and Hope for the Nations to build two projects, a Children’s Homes Complex, and a village for the Child-Mothers. Thanks to the generosity of many in North America, the progress has been truly amazing.

  1. A children’s home complex for orphaned children from the Gulu region.  To date we have constructed two children’s homes, a kitchen, nursery/preschool classrooms for those too young to attend school, and a large dining hall/ multipurpose space. Over forty children now call either “House of Love” or “House of Joy” home.
    L – R: House of Love, Kitchen, Preschool/Nursery
    Western visitors to the House of Joy
    Inside of House of Love
    Unique paint design on the floor
    One of the resident children
    with a gift from Canada
    Serious business
    Another gift from the Canadian visitors

    Next we plan to build another children’s home on the site, enabling us to take in more children at risk. Each home costs about $15,000.00 to build.

  2. Village of Hope – our Child Mother’s Village. Village of Hope was built to meet the needs of the young women who have escaped or been rescued from slavery in the LRA. They have children from the soldiers, and are not welcome to return to their home villages. Some were in captivity as long as 10 years, and have not attended school. The village provides them a traditional African home, literacy and vocational training, counseling, and a safe place in which to become whole and raise their children. The land has been fenced for security, and night guards are employed. Power, sewer, and water, latrines and bathing facilities were installed. 25 huts have been built and are occupied, and the training centre is now completed. Classes, programs and some vocational training is underway, although more equipment must be purchased ($5000.00). The young women are now taking various classes in literacy, child care, health, life skills, and being counseled and loved back to wholeness.
Traditional African huts at the Village of Hope
Inside the hut
Oven inside the hut
Some of the mothers and their children
Cooking for the visitors
New Vocational Training School at the Village of Hope
Exploring creativity
Playing in the village
Working on handicrafts
Happy young ladies with a bright future

Funds have been raised for an on-site medical clinic, and construction will begin soon. The next major project in the Village of Hope will be a school for all the children on site. It will cost about $30,000.00 to build. Additional homes are being constructed as funds are available (they are $500.00 each), with the goal being to have 100 family homes at the village. Eventually we plan to have animals and shelter for them, to provide experience in animal husbandry, and contribute towards food security for the families. The livestock program will cost an estimated $5000.00.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed towards our work in Gulu – sponsoring children, sponsoring child mothers, or donating towards the building program. You cannot imagine what an enormous difference your help has made to the lives of the orphans and young women, after years of fear, pain, suffering, slavery and abuse. They are now gaining the health, strength, and skills to create a future full of hope for themselves and their babies. Their gratitude is boundless –

You are Heroes!


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January 8, 2014

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